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Founded in 2010, Center for Sociology and Education Studies (SEÇBIR) believes that education has a key role in building an inclusive society and thereby ensuring social justice. Thus, it conducts activities which carries enabling potentials towards an inclusive education environment allowing all learners to be able to express themselves and to be supported during everyday school practices.


With this aim, SECBIR;

  • Conducts national and international projects, which opens up issues related to inclusive education to discussion,

  • Produces and shares data collected in education environments (inside and out of schools) through ethnographic methods,

  • Designs and implements educational activities with and for teachers,

  • Provides ground for sharing national and international research on education by organizing activities including symposia, seminars, conferences, panels, and workshops.



SECBIR embraces an interdisciplinary approach which is mainly based on sociology and educational sciences, and also combines other disciplines such as anthropology, psychology, law and social policy.


According to the methodology followed by SECBIR; teachers teaching different subjects, NGOs working on various fields, and academics specialised on various disciplines come together on a long-term basis.



Therefore, a body of content which ensures the interaction of theoretical and practical knowledge is built up, and finally shared with all stakeholders who aim to raise the quality of education.

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